She’s a Happy Hippie

maxresdefault.jpgIn a world of fast paced media, with many social media influencers becoming viral, it is important to acknowledge that these people are the generation that will inspire and mould the kids of the future. Although Miley Cyrus did no start out as a social media professional it is primarily her wave length between her and the general public of today.


Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, later changed to Miley Cyrus in 2008 (Miles To Go, Miley Cyrus 2009), she was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1992. Miley grew up in a creative household with her father Billy Ray Cyrus and her mother Leticia Jean Cyrus. Miley’s book that she wrote between the ages on 15 and 16, is a tell all about her not-so-normal life growing up. In sixth grade, Miley discloses that she went back to schooling in Nashville, and she started to become an outcast amongst her friends (page 15-16 Miles To Go). The change in her outlook on school may have been the catalyst that pushed her into her acting and musical career. As most young actors Miley finished her middle schooling career via a tutor on the set of Hannah Montana . Perhaps Miley’s first passion for acting started when she was on set with her father in Toronto in 2001 . Miley Cyrus is the media professional I have decided to write about because, although controversial at times, her journey to where she is now, is interesting as well as inspirational.


Hannah Montana, who was a television alter ego of Miley Cyrus’ character, launched Miley into the world of Disney and accurate acting. Airing in the United States in March 2006, the Hannah Montana series and the characters quickly became household names to children across the world. In 2007 an episode aired with over 10 million viewers watching . The life of Hannah Montana blurred with the real life of Miley Cyrus instigated the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ tour, where she performed as both singers.  The alter ego of the blonde wig wearing popstar was a motivator and powerful influence for some, as she was seen as an inspiration for her audience to be better versions of themselves with no inhibitions. To this day in 2017 Miley still holds these values as she encourages, on her social media, for people to do what is morally right. Miley Cyrus became no longer just Hannah Montana or a television show, she had formed into a global superstar, under both personas.


The global phenomena that was Hannah Montana turned into global hysteria for Miley Cyrus, and her future endeavours. From the rise of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus’ was able to embark on her first solo world tour, The Wonder World Tour across North America and Europe. Earning her over 15 million dollars, according to the January 2010 issue of Billboard Magazine, the first world tour was the beginning of many global tours including her ‘Bangerz’ tour that she brought to South America and down under to Australia, selling out multiple nights. The gross amount of money Cyrus made on both her box office of Hannah Montana but also her tours, shows genuine frenzy and determination amongst fans worldwide. The mania of her avid supporters hurled Miley into a life of constant tabloids and scrutiny from the public.


Miley Cyrus wouldn’t have the exposure and career she has today without the constant headlines she has created over years in the limelight of social media. Miley’s first ever tabloid controversy was her Vanity Fair Cover shoot in 2008. Dressed in only a satin wrap, Cyrus notably apologised for the ‘scandalous’ photos  earning merit from the public for her admission to her ‘mistake’. Coming from a religious background , this turn in Miley’s career from a ‘good girl’ to someone who was releasing their inhibitions, was something the public kept a constant watch on. Between 2008 and 2013, Miley had approximately eight viral headlines that sparked conversations from all members of the public and even fellow peers in the celebrity community. Another one of Miley’s recognisable controversies was in December 2010. Miley was pictured smoking a substance with drug paraphernalia. Once again her management claimed that it was not what it looked like, and Miley again issued an apology to her fans. Although at this time Miley was around 18 years of age and her fans had been growing up with her, consequently it was questioned whether an apology was needed, or whether her fans understood the mistake and knew the desire to experiment at such an age.


Arguably the biggest media storm of Miley Cyrus’ career was the MTV Video Music Awards in 2013. She wore a nude-like costume, donned in booty shorts and a small crop top, and danced provocatively against co-performer, Robin Thicke . The headlines ranged from, “OH. MILEY. GOD – viewers left feeling ‘violated’…” on to ABC News, “…VMA Performance Stuns Crowd”. The public comments on said articles are more shaming than the articles themselves. With global fame comes global scrutiny, whether good or bad Miley Cyrus was still on every news stand in the western world. Hopefully after all of her years in the public eye, Miley has a thick skin and turned a blind eye to the comments. After all of the controversies and headlines, it was clear Miley had shed her ‘good girl’ Disney identity and had blossomed into the ‘adult’ world of professional media.


After Miley established herself as no longer affiliated with the Disney franchise, it was time for her to finally be 100 percent herself.  After her scandal at the previous VMAs, 2015 was Miley’s year. On May 5th 2015 Miley founder her campaign for her non-profit fundraiser, ‘The Happy Hippie Foundation(THHF)’. THHF’s and Miley’s objective is to gather young people to battle the toxic problems facing vulnerable populations, such as homeless youth and LGBTQ youth. In her immediate campaign to promote the foundation, Miley invited one homeless male as her date to the Video Music Awards, Jesse Helt gave a moving speech and dedicated the award to all runaways and homeless youth,  as he knew what it was like to be one of them and the struggles they faced daily. The manifesto written on the Happy Hippies website encourages that we can change the world no matter the challenges and to give all people, homeless or not, an equal chance . By taking action with this foundation, Miley assists in bridging the gap between the high class lifestyles of celebrities in Hollywood and the people living on the streets or those of the LGBTQ community struggling for acceptance within society.


Miley Cyrus’ media professional career is definitely not finished yet but has not materialised without some glitches. From starting her career as an extra behind the spotlight of her father, to being one of the biggest global stars of her generation. Miley has effortlessly combined her media career into her natural life. Transitioning from Disney and Hannah Montana into a more mature trademark was a tough climb but Miley’s perseverance has made it possible. Without the public scrutiny and admiration, Miley Cyrus would not have the fame and public focus that she has. Miley has utilised the public’s constant attention on her to do many great things, especially the establishment of The Happy Hippy Foundation. Whether Miley knows it or not, her birth name of ‘Destiny Hope’ definitely had some thoughtful meaning and indication towards how she would live her life and what she continues to achieve with her fame. Still in the fast paced, media world Miley’s prominence has not slowed down and is still making headlines in 2017. Miley Cyrus as a media professional is controversial and celebrated for her new approach of expressing her personality into the media.


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