About Chelsea

Chelsea Burgemeister is a hardworking, charismatic student and worker who studies a Bachelor of Mass Communication, majoring in Journalism and PR, and is a part-time retail assistant who works closely with helping customers and their urgent needs.

After living in a small town in South Australia for 11 years and moving to a thriving suburb of Brisbane, Chelsea has experience in adapting to new environments and believes it is a fundamental key to being successful.

Being able to adapt can help in many situations that occur in everyday life, whether you’re moving across the country or settling into a new job atmosphere. Adaptation is one of many valuable things that Chelsea has learned through her experience in the working world.

From personal experience of meeting new people, Chelsea knows that being enthusiastic and having the passion for a job or topic is an essential to have in life.

Chelsea has worked in customer service and retail for six years, in a family business of party planning and decorating, (The Party Depot). She has written numerous social media posts for the business and communicates with customers on a daily basis. Through this Chelsea has gained the practice and knowledge to communicate professionally with customers and clients. She hopes to implement these skills after finishing her degree and starting her career as a media professional.

In 2015 Chelsea led a group of students in a committee for organising events, this opportunity taught valuable skills of cooperation and leadership. These skills taught her to organise a group of people and encourage her to project her ideas and receive feedback to improve herself and her work.

Receiving feedback from peers and/or customers can be challenging, but with Chelsea’s light-hearted attitude, she understands it can only help her with future endeavours. Chelsea absorbs the comments and finds a way to persevere, and uses that to develop her approaches and ideas.

For as long as she can remember Chelsea has been writing, whether it be short stories, about her imaginary friend at age 5 or what she was feeling, at the age of 16.  This led to her love of reading blog posts about literally anything, and pursuing a communications career of her own.

Chelsea has always had a passion for putting words to paper, or computer screen. Having the courage to publish such writings has not yet been something Chelsea has embarked on but hopes to soon.

Chelsea’s main value she has always held has been kindness. This echoes in her writing as she is passionate about being kind and equal to all humans and acting considerate and conscious towards the world we live in and how it is treated.

Chelsea has written and published an executive summary, on her blog. This post discusses an environmental issue in our society. This topic is one of Chelsea’s passions and refers back to her value of being conscious towards the planet.

Chelsea hopes that the day she publishes more, that it has an impact on at least one person, within a crowd of billions.

Chelsea hopes that her skills and values that she has learnt, and lives by, reflect back in her work and help someone who needs guidance, wants to learn about a topic or just wants to read for their own entertainment.


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